Dr. Michel is an excellent chiropractor! She truly cares about
her patients, and my children love coming to her office!


Since starting chiropractic care my symptoms have almost completely disappeared. I no longer have to take medications, and I am able to resume daily activities with ease.


After treatment with Dr. Lisa I no longer
have to take medications and I am pain free. I feel amazing, and I have more energy!


I suffered from chronic headaches for over two years, which has made it difficult for me to perform daily  activities including homework for school.  After being treated by Dr. Michel, I finally have relief and am able to take less medication. I feel better physically because now I am properly aligned and my body is  functioning at its best.


My first visit to Dr. Lisa was
in September of 2013, my hip and neck pain dramatically decreased
after a few weeks of adjustments and I was able to train for my first marathon! I always feel re-charged and energized after an adjustment. Chiropractic is a therapy that I keep up with on a regular basis,
I believe it helps not just my spine but my entire nervous system.


My constant pain made it very difficult to work, let alone be able to rest in my down time. I tried medication, but it only provided a temporary relief. After seeing Dr. Michel, I was convinced  chiropractic was for me. It has made me feel so much better and I am able to finally enjoy my time with my family, rest, and get a good nights sleep. I am very thankful to Dr. Michel for all of her care and compassion for myself and my family.

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